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Useful ways to organize sales on Instagram to get success

How effective is selling on Instagram? In this article, Ingramsave will mention some ways to build Instagram channels, business experiences on Instagram, and some useful tools to sell your products easily on Instagram for those who want to organize business online.

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1. Why should you choose Instagram to sell products?

Instagram is the right sales channel for young people, because 90% of users are under 35 years old, of which about 16-25 years old make up the majority.

  • Up to 50% of Instagram users have shopping needs.
  • Most Instagram users have income and good taste.
  • Compared to Facebook, Instagram users have better engagement.

1.1. Free to use

Instagram is free to download and use with a huge quantity of users.

Every day about 5 million photos are shared, nowadays there are more than 4 billion pictures on Instagram, 7.3 million active users every day.

Is that number enough to make you satisfied?

Also, the ability to connect easily with other social networks helps Instagram quickly spread.

1.2. Very simple to sell products on Instagram

You don’t have to set up a fan page, you don’t have to run ads, you don’t have to write an introduction. The only thing you have to do and do well is to take pictures.

It takes a few minutes to register for an account, a few more to take product photos. Then, upload photos through the available Instagram filters, write a few words with the name, price, how to buy, and add a few hot hashtags. That is done.

1.3. Good photos on Instagram are more beautiful than ever

Instagram’s editing tools will give you the most satisfying look for your photos, just tapping on the beautiful one is automatically offered.

All the tools and steps are built on the experience of mobile users, with a good algorithm, Instagram makes sharing images and promoting products faster and more enjoyable.

1.4. High conversion rate

Your Instagram followers are people who often have the same interests and need to buy from you. Unlike the number of virtual likes on Facebook, many ones but the conversion rate is not good.

1.5. Your post will not be drifted

Instagram doesn’t have a harsh filter. All information posted is sorted by time. Therefore, as long as you publish your content regularly, your business page will always be seen and easily accessible by customers.

1.6. Product copyright belongs to you

When you share a photo, Instagram will prevent others from saving or downloading as Facebook. So, it is hard to copy your photo unless using download Instagram tools.

1.7. Do not be disturbed

When someone comments on Instagram but not annoying others. Customers, who have participated in comments and inquiry, will only receive a notification when someone mentions them by using the character @.

This is one of the exciting features of Instagram. It is because normally a product photo uploads a lot of comments, this feature helps both the seller and the buyer not feel bothered.

In particular, users are more comfortable at Instagram because they are not dragged into the noisy and tasteless spamming posts like on Facebook.

1.8. You can actively follow customers back to attract attention

Instagram allows users to be more proactive when directly following their favorite accounts.

In addition, without having to passively wait for customers to like their fanpage like on Facebook, shop owners on Instagram can directly follow the customer again to attract their attention. This positive effect makes promoting products on Instagram easier.

Besides, you can follow celebrities to reach potential customers who are their fans to sell more effectively.

2. Sign up and optimize to sell on Instagram

Before studying the ways to begin selling on Instagram, please see read some FAQs below to know the general view about it.

a. Who are the customers on Instagram?

Potential customers are mainly young people aged 18-25, especially female people. There is one of the popular Instagram features that will help you get the best customer insight. You will understand how customers are trending and you can change the images correctly to attract them.

b. What should do business on Instagram?

Items to be traded are cosmetics, shoes, handmade goods, watches, … It is hard to believe you can sell a pair of shoes for ten million on Instagram, but it is true! And there’s no reason you can’t do this!

c. Is selling on Instagram effective?

Instagram is a sales channel with many advantages that can help you sell different products well. If you know how to take advantage of the powerful features available on Instagram, then selling on Instagram effectively is natural.

Now we start going into deeper steps to sell some products on Instagram. Let’s go!

2.1. Sign up for an Instagram account

First, you need to sign up for an Instagram sales account. The steps are quite easy. If anyone does not know how to create an Instagram account, please follow this link to get one.

2.2. Optimize Instagram account settings

Public account: By default, when you open a new Instagram account, this will be a public account, meaning that everyone can view your posts and follow you. If you want to open an account for business online, remember to publicize it!

Easy-to-remember account name: Start with an easy-to-remember and easy-to-find account name, such as using right on your shop for example.

Representative image: Your profile picture is one of the first things people see when they view your Instagram account. It is good to use the company’s logo in this image. However, when you post an image for a post or profile image, Instagram always cuts the image into a circular image (110 px diameter), so you need to re-size your logo suitable for it. You can post a square image with the logo in the center.

Interesting introduction: With up to 150 characters, put your creativity in the introduction part so that readers can feel who you are and what is a compelling reason to follow this account. That is great to get 1 – 2 short sentences to motivate readers. And, you can install up to 3 important hashtags to get more views for your account.

Add a URL in the introduction section: Instagram only allows you to add a short URL in the website section of the information page. However, you can completely overcome this problem by adding a website URL to each description in each photo as “see more”.

Turn on the feature to receive notifications: You will always be instantly updated when users share, comment on, or like your photos. This helps you interact and bond with them a lot faster and easier.

Using the direct chat function: This private chat function is similar to Facebook’s Messenger, please turn on notifications so you don’t miss any messages!

Block people with signs of harassment: You should block these people to avoid getting fraud, or your competitor. If you don’t like them seeing your account, you click on their accounts -> Block / Report Inappropriate.

Connect with other social networks: With our experience is that you should not miss any social channels. When you have any social networks in your system, please share photos or links to all of them. By doing that, you will get potential clients in which you do not know.

2.3. Search for potential customers

Start with your Facebook friends list. You follow them and find customers from their personal pages who have followed and interacted with them.

Or you can go to Search on Instagram, which will have a few options for you to search for new friends and customers: Following photos or videos that are the latest ones, or suggested users, or enter specific names on the bar search.

Unlike Facebook Fanpage, you have to wait for customers to like or accept you, or you have to pay ads so that many users know you; Instagram allows you to follow everyone without having to ask permission or wait for others to accept.

Alternatively, you can go to pages with topics related to your products and follow their followers. Specifically, you go into related accounts and find followers of your competitors’ page, you follow their guests.

Please note that if you want lots of people to stop and follow your page, you need to create a unique, stylish Instagram profile. And, learn some mistakes to avoid some things to get more flowers.

2.4. Find beautiful photos

Selling on Instagram images is very important. You don’t need to worry too much if you are not a good photographer. There are many beautiful photos free to use on or

2.5. Add the hashtag

Content hashtags should be relevant to the item you sell. Choose any topic, then list the hashtags with the most relationships with the most customers. The hashtag selection is very important because it will affect your business in the long term.

30 hashtags are the maximum number for 1 post. But according to experience, we do not need to use all that number, around 15 hashtags are enough, and should add 1 hashtag in your Instagram account name.

A good tip to not worry about the hashtag, you can use this suggested hashtag website to get yours.

2.6. Build content

If you are new to Instagram, uploading photos do not need to include content. But, recommends you write a few words for each photo. When doing that, you can attract more readers to like and comment on your photos.

You should upload at least 15 photos on your Instagram before advertising your account to the readers.

Next, use the software to get the amount of the first followers. Doing this, until you can see some people like or comment on your photos, you start to get real readers.

And, do not forget to send your account to your friends and ask them to follow your account. It is because the first followers will attract and value your business on Instagram.

2.7. Always care of your Instagram page

In the first week, the task of taking care of your Instagram page is to upload an average of 1 photo per day, at a suitable time.

Please see more of the best time for posting on Instagram.

After a week, you can upload 2 – 4 photos per day depending on the number of followers. The More followers you have, the more photos you should upload per day.

3. Effective ways to sell on Instagram

Surely, selling on Instagram will be effective if you know how to use skills on this channel.

3.1. Take and upload beautiful photos

This is the most important factor for you to keep customers engaged every time they come to the timeline on Instagram. If your image is not beautiful, not impressive, the viewers will ignore it and you will miss a chance to sell goods to them.

Not everyone is a professional photographer, but you absolutely can invest more time and effort to get lovely pictures. It is because there is a lot of photo apps on Google Play or Apple Store, which can make you become a great photographer.

So, the thing is to need that you have to invest a good mobile enough to use the modern technique of photo apps.

Besides, Instagram can turn monotonous photos into impressive with 19 effects. You can take advantage of these effects to create eye-catching photos.

3.2. Stay ahead of trends of users

If you only care about and bring to the audience the problems surrounding your products or services, it is not enough. According to you, those are interesting things, but for the followers, they are old and odd.

Therefore, in the sales process, you need to follow the trends and change of users’ need to promptly bring up hot topics, attracting followers and attention of the potential community.

To know what they are interested in, you just need to pay more attention to their posts, you can even participate in a direct comment, capture public opinion to create relevant content. customers and community on Instagram.

When you know how to scratch right the itch of public opinion, your shop will have a lot of followers, and advertisements for your products will be paid more attention.

3.3. Reply to all comments

As an owner, you must understand the importance of responding to comments on social media. It is because that is how to build relationships with consumers. And at the same time, you are creating public attention that makes social network users want to participate in comments more.

However, on social media, there are many negative and innocuous comments, you should not delete or ignore them. Respond patiently and calmly to let customers see your company’s culture of skillful manners.

3.4. Share customer reviews

The most effective way to promote the brand is to share photos of customers who have used the product. When customers buy products and love them, they post pictures of that product on social networks to show and suggest them to friends.

And you should immediately take advantage of this positive feedback to promote your company. However, with negative comments, you cannot ignore them but face them frankly. It is because, like many other social networks, Instagram is a community and its spread is very quick and huge.

3.5. Get excited with games and prizes

Once you have a certain number of customers on Instagram, plan to hold a contest like a unique product photo contest or take pictures of a product with comments to receive a small gift from your shop.

This way, your shop will gain more leads and the ability to innovate to retain loyal customers.

3.6. Pay for sponsored posts to advertise your products

To get started with post sponsorship, you’ll need to create a list of Instagram users who influence your target audience and have a large number of fans.

For example, if you are selling clothes and shoes, you will find stylists or fashionable people who many fans love them. Or, you work in gymnastics, then you will look for some famous bloggers who write about beauty tips, bodybuilding, sporty players.

Above are details that can help you increase followers on Instagram and organize business online well.

However, everything needs time to do, so you should not be hurry to get success soon. Step by step to follow the guides above will give you correct results and boost your sales going the right way.

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