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Steps to post a photo on Instagram from pc with Chrome

Instagram focuses on using the mobile. They do not have a full version to use it on pc. You just can see photos, videos, comments, and likes on your personal computer or laptop.

But, with a small skill, you can post photos/videos from your pc easily with chrome. Check it now!

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome on your pc. And, click on the 3 dots on the right top of the screen.

post a photo on Instagram from pc

Step 2: A dropdown menu comes, and select “More tools”.

Step 3: Continue choosing “Developer tools” (or press Clt+Shift+I) to open the developer screen.

Step 4: Type into the address bar, and enter. The homepage of Instagram will appear.

post a photo on Instagram from pc with chrome

Step 5: You select the “login” button and login in as normal by typing username or phone, and password.

Step 6: You see some buttons at the bottom as you check the Instagram on the phone. Click on the cross to start to upload a photo to Instagram.
You will do step by step to share your photo as you use on the phone.

use instagram on pc

Step 7: As normal, select photos on the pc – click the “next” button – Write some words at the caption – Select the location – Tag some people (if you want) – Share.

upload photo to instagram from laptop

All is done!

When you want to log out the Instagram, you click on the wheel symbol at the left top. Then, select “log out”.

Log out instagram on pc

All the steps are easy to do and now you can share photos and videos from your pc or laptop to Instagram. And, a small note is that you should choose a good photo size for Instagram to create a beautiful share.

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