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5 avoiding things to increase followers on Instagram

Everyone wants viewers to follow the Instagram account when they visit the page. However, not everyone can do that.

Here, I will share with you the mistakes that you need to avoid to increase your number of followers on Instagram, and the people who have already followed your account will not unfollow you.

increase Instagram followers

Increase Instagram followers with these skills

1. Do not share unprofessional photos

Beautiful photos that express the individuality and own characteristics will appeal to viewers. When you share not-eye-catching, unprofessional images, you are a self-defeating Instagram account.

As a result, viewers will never click the follow button if they see the normal images.

2. Avoid photographing your face

You are a selfie person, not wrong. You have the right to do all the things you want to be free of unlawful and illegal culture.

However, if you often take pictures of your face and share them on Instagram with the desire that the audiences click the like button and follow you. That’s a mistake.

Your face is not everyone’s favorite, except your lover and parents, but the viewers do not care about how your face is. They want to see beautiful landscapes of nature, the lovely moments of life and experience.

Stop sharing your face, but you enrich interesting photos and make them more emotional. If that is not the case, people will unfollow you much.

3. Do not upload pictures filled with words

Instagram is a social network dedicated to photos and short videos. Most people come here to share and view beautiful images, not to read long sentences like individual blogs.

If you upload images that are full of text, viewers will skip right away. You won’t get any likes or followers.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” The words written here will be excessive. So why do you put too many texts on pictures?

4. Limit posting ads

You will ruin your account if you share too many ads. Most people do not like repetitive advertising.

If you need to post promotional photos or content to your Instagram account, then the number needs to be balanced. The fewer advertising share is better. 1/7 ratio may be acceptable, and you make the advertising content real and meaningful.

Absolutely, you should not repost the same picture or content. You need to use different photos and create typical content so that users will not be distracted. If not, they don’t click the follow button, or will unfollow you right away.

You may like to read the best size of photos on Instagram.

5. Not post content that causes controversy

Avoiding controversial images and videos is a smart way. Be neutral when sharing content. If the argument happens, you could be in trouble and can lose several fans.

Social networks have tremendous power, sometimes beyond your control without knowing it. Thus, offensive content or images should not appear on your Instagram account.

It helps reduce headaches, so you have more time to focus on beautiful and engaging photos and videos to increase your followers.

6. Avoid posting in dead time frames

The dead time of the network is when not many people active on social accounts. Instagram interactions vary by time frame and by region. Therefore, you must learn to know when is the best time for posting on Instagram. The right timing will help more people see your photos and videos. That is the major factor that helps viewers want to follow you on the Instagram account.

How is your idea to increase Instagram followers for the account?

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