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The ways to have ideas for a cool Instagram username and name

While Facebook is a thriving social network worldwide, used by many millions of people, accompanied by Facebook is a strongly hot photo network, that is Instagram. From many recent years, Instagram has really developed and attracted a huge number of users around the world.

To join in Instagram and start a nice photo account, the first thing for users is how to choose a cool username and name. Here are some useful ideas for you to select an Instagram name/username which is unique, impressive, and interesting impression.

What is an Instagram username and name?

An Instagram username is named for a user to use to login an Instagram account and set up an URL, which must be unique. It means one username can just be used for an account.

An Instagram name is the normal name of yourself, shop, business, which appears under the username on the

Usernames and names are often at the same, but they are not always.

Ideas for an Instagram username and name

This is an example of an account of a famous atress, singer with a Instagram name: Jennifer Lopez, but username: jlo with url:

In this article, to avoid repeating it, we sometimes use an Instagram “username” or “name” instead of both “username and name”.

Instagram is a social network focusing on sharing photos and short videos freely. The frame shape of photos on Instagram has defaulted with a portrait format which is often used in mobile devices because of Instagram created mainly for smartphone users.

Now, we will go to check details of useful ideas for an Instagram username and name.

A unique Instagram username with only one word

Only a single word with special meanings can be used to name your account such as Rose, Green, May, YAMA (You Are My Angel), Beyonce, …

One word name is easy to create an impression, curiosity; and remember it because it’s short. However, with millions of users on Instagram now, a single word name is not surely available for you. Thus, you need to check if Instagram allows you to take your dream name. If not, you may add some numbers back of it, which is useful for personal use; but, I do not recommend this way for business, shop name.

One more thing is noted when you use a single name, its meaning must be recognized and avoided bad meanings. You can take your nickname to give it to your username, that is one of a good way to start your account.

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Your full name used for username

Using your own name is a good idea, and the most popular method to create Instagram usernames. This way is a simple one to get a unique personal name. But, you need to avoid keeping too long username. You can just use the first name with surname, or the middle name with the first name to shorten your name, helping the readers and customers remember it quickly.

As you know, most famous people use their names on the Instagram network. Here are popular account to check:

  • Ariana Grande
  • Selena Gomez
  • Kim Kardashian West
  • Leo Messi
  • Taylor Swift

Tip: When your name cannot choose to use for username with your full name, you may add an “official” in front or behind it.

Your Instagram account like the pet’s name

Commonly, you can see many cute names with the name of pets. This method is often used for a small shop of clothes, gifts, or personal services to sell on Instagram. Many nice names and usernames come, such as White Cat, Bunny Shop, Teddy Bears, Cute Puppy…

Most of the sweet girls or people who love pets support these names when seeing your account with these cute names, encouraging them to follow the account without hesitates.

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Getting the address number like the name and username

Many users have taken the address number of their stores, shops to name their accounts. It is a good way for customers to remember both the name and the address of the business. However, this method only applies to beautiful places, easy-seeing sites, or famous landmarks. Suggested names come, such as Shop 09, Fashion Store 99, Shoe Shop 35…

Creating associations by clever naming

Base on the outstanding features of the product, you can be figured out a little to name with nice words of names. For example, “Magic Flame” is used to name the brand of gas stoves, light fighters, cosmetics is “Pink Face” or “Red Lips”, shoe shop is “Faster Runner”, travel service is “Luxury Leisure”…

To create a username or name with the association style requires the owner to be a very intelligent person to be able to think. When it comes, it will be both strange and unique usernames that contribute to creating highlights for business services or products.

Applying curiosity for the names

Making the readers, customers eager to know or learn your Instagram account with your curious names. Thinking about it carefully, and get a typical one in this way.

Leaning on the business scales

Personal users or small businesses should not apply to this naming method. When you have a large scale of businesses with diverse products, this way will attract and enhance your work. Suggestions are different according to different fields such as Kingdom of Toys, Leather World, Household Mall …

Focusing on the characters of the readers or customers

You have to think of the username of your Instagram that customers or readers can see it suitable for them, so you need to understand their interests and characters to lead your ideas to have the right names. If your customers are office workers, you should choose an elegant and polite one. But, if your guests are in the teenage group, you should choose a cute and active name, which will be more impressive

In conclusion, an Instagram username/name is important for a person or company that would like to attract more followers and customers.

Although you choose any ways to have ideas for your Instagram account, to essential totes to take away are:

  • The name/username is easy to remember. You need to avoid naming your Instagram account that is hard to remember with so many characters that are unrelated and logical. Remember that you should not put letters together to create a complicated word. When your readers or customers have difficulty pronouncing it, they have not remembered you and your services for a long time.
  • Short a name/username better and long one: An Instagram username also needs to be concise and easy to read, which can go in the mind of followers/customers quickly. You should only choose the names and usernames max of 3 words, not longer.

Now it is your turn to start to create an interesting username and name on the Instagram social network.

Which way will you lean on selecting your Instagram username and name?

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