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Bio Instagram: Notes to write an attractive bio

Bio Instagram is one of the important parts of your account. Many readers can press the button to follow you immediately or stay away from you depending on what you write in the part of the biography.

You can find a lot of useful information to make your Instagram bio more attractive and followable.

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What is Instagram bio?

The bio of Instagram is a short form of biography. An Instagram bio is a part under your name and username of your account. That’s an only section where Instagram allows users to write about themselves. You keep the bio concise as Instagram allows 150 characters here.

What should I include in my Instagram bio?

To make a clear and interesting Instagram bio, you may include some things as below:

  1. Your name: you should start with your real name, which appear under Instagram username, so that people can know about you. If you want to hide your name, it’s better you avoid using the social network.
  2. Your work: you are a designer, photographer, seoer, Instagram marketer, SEO consultant… That is a quick look to know about you. Then, the readers can follow you if they are the same jobs or like your work.
  3. Your experience: telling your knowledge about what you do skillfully. You should not say: “I have 5 years of experience to do SEO”, but a soft way is better with “doing SEO as my hobby for more than 5 years”.
  4. Your interest: You should mention what you like here, which can be easy to attract followers when they have the same hobby. If you like to travel, collect beautiful nature photos, love pets…, mention it here.
  5. Short action in bio: Tell the readers what you wish they do or you can do for them. If you like them follow you, write it down. If you can help them to solve Instagram marketing, it is so good to tell here. 
  6. A useful link: The link is actually under the writing section. Instagram allows you to add a link. You use it with your selection to link to your website or another social network page.

How can I write an attractive Instagram bio?

  1. Keep it short: Users of an Instagram social network like to see beautiful photos more than reading the long texts. So, your bio on Instagram is short as much as possible, but still enough information to tell your personal characters.
  2. Write it with a funny tone: People have a lot of stress in real life. They come on social networks to file more funny things. They will not follow you if they cannot find any cheerful things on your account.
  3. Do not tell a lie and overtalk: Many Instagram users often meet the mistake of doing over normal. The readers are very clever to know what is real or lie. Stop telling lies is a good step to make relationships with others.
  4. May use emoji: Sweet funny emojis can help viewers like and increase Instagram followers. Use emoticons to make your bio colorful and interesting, but not much.

Reasons you should not copy a quote of someone for your Instagram account:

You may see many nice quotes in newspapers or some places on the internet. You like them, and want to use them in your Instagram bio. For many options, you should avoid using them, not copy and paste as a lot of articles tell you.

  1. Instagram bio is too short to write many words. Thus, good quotes are suitable for using when you write a long blog article.
  2. You need to show your own characters. Do you know how many people also copy and paste that quote as yours?
  3. Many people like you when you are yourself. Using a quote from someone else seems you are a shadow of the others. The users will not follow a person without special things showing on Instagram.

Although I tell you do not to copy and paste the quotes, I also tell you some good writings in Instagram bio which I collected. You see them as the reference to find a good way to create your perfect bio.

Some good Instagram bio examples:

By grace, through faith.
My new album RARE is out now 💖
Founder @rarebeauty

Priyanka Chopra Jonas
…Because every picture tells a story…look carefully…can u tell?

Jennifer Lopez
✨No matter where I go, I know where I came from✨
💃🏽Don’t Miss World Of Dance Tuesday’s at 10|9c💃🏽
📱Text Me: (305) 690-0379 📲

Taylor Swift
Lover out now

Deepika Padukone
Live,Love & Laugh…

Lazada Malaysia
Go where your heart beats while #LazadaTemanYou with:
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💚 LazChoice
⚡ Lazada Flash Sale
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Real Madrid C.F.
⚽️ Official profile of Real Madrid C.F.
🏆 13 times European Champions
🌍 FIFA Best Club of the 20th Century
📱 #RealFootball | 🏠 #RMFansEnCasa

PRERTO Jewellery
Your one stop shop for all accessories ♥️
Shop in-store & online ⬇️
Monday to Friday, 11am to 6pm
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Founder: @prernaagarwal

Nada Baeshen 🇸🇦 🇸🇦أم أحمد
Beauty, lifestyle, travel, fashion. 🌏59 countries
Founder @the_huntresss
Snapchat 👻👻Thehuntressss

M A D I 🐚 | Marine Biologist
Waterwoman ✖️ Environmentalist
🎙 Podcast @oceanpoddy | @womeninoceanscience
Underwater Explorer | Wildlife Photographer | Drone Mama

During the time to research about Instagram, I see that plenty of stars do not write any things in the bio section of their Instagram accounts. But, they have a lot of followers. It is because they are already stars.

For beginners and small business entrepreneurs, organizing a good bio is a good way to attract more readers and customers, because we are not working in entertainments or footballs.

So, we should keep the mind on the bio to show respect to the readers and customers. All of these things are the steps leading to success.

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