Photo & Video Instagram Downloader

Copy and paste a photo or video URL to download.

Using Ingramsave is an easy and fast way to download Instagram photos and videos. You just need to copy a link of image or video, and start to download and save it to your computer or phone. Also, Ingramsave is totally a free downloader to use it online. You can download unlimited photos and clips from Instagram. So, to give us a favor, please share this site with your friends!

Here are the steps to download photos and videos from Instagram.

Step 1: Open a photo or video on Instagram and find its link

Open Instagram on your phone or computer, and navigate to the image or video you want to download.

Then, you click on the 3-dot mark in the right corner of the screen. The browser will pop up and continue to choose: Copy link.

copy link photo instagram

Tips: If you use the Instagram search tool to find photos (you can search by hashtag or location) on your desktop or laptop, you just need to click on the image or video. And then, you will see its link appear in the browser. You need to copy this link to finish step 1.

Step 2: Copy and paste the link to download it

Copy and paste a link of the photo or video into the box, including a photo album, then select the “Download” button to download.

Step 3: Save photos or videos to your device

After you choose the Download button, photos and videos from Instagram will appear below the box. You now do click on the photo to download it to your device. It is done!

Note: If you download a photo album, many photos will list in order, one by one.

The Top Features of the Ingramsave Downloader Tool

instagram downloader tool

Photo Instagram Downloader

Saving your photos from Instagram easily to keep them on desktop or phone is the top feature of the Ingramsave tool. You can download a single Instagram photo or an album post.

Video Downloader

Vital videos on Instagram can be saved to see offline later. That way allows you not to miss clips deleted when you do not watch in time.
Also, Ingramsave supports you to download unlimited videos.

instagram download without watermark

Free only downloader tool

Ingramsave is an easy free online tool to download public photos and videos on Instagram. You can use this tool online on pc, laptop, or phone like a normal site. You do not need to install any software.

Video downloader without the watermark

You can download Instagram videos without watermark by using the Ingramsave tool because it keeps the original versions from the networks.

That is great!

Frequently asked question about this photo and video downloader tool

Can I download multi-photos or albums on Instagram?

Yes, you can. The way to download an album is similar to getting a single photo. But, you need to know that each photo is listed by order.
You can see the first photo displayed with its surface while the others show only symbols or images. Thus, when you want to download one of them, you need to remember its order and click on the correct position to download it.

What is the purpose of downloading Instagram photos and videos?

You may have your own purpose. But, with Ingramsave, we hope that you use Ingramsave to keep important photos and videos offline to see them later or for your private use in the future, such as downloading meaningful photos or videos to avoid them being removed from Instagram.

Can I use Instagram on my laptop or PC?

Yes, you can use it, but Instagram limits some features on a laptop or PC.
Typically, to post a photo from a laptop needs various skills to do. You can see how to post a photo on your Instagram account here.

Can I download videos from other websites?

Besides downloading videos from Instagram, our tool can support you to download videos from Tiktok and save videos from Vimeo.

Do Ingramsave limit downloading photos and videos?

Luckily, Ingramsave does not limit how many photos and videos you want to download from Instagram or other sites.

What kinds of quality of photos when saving them?

The highest quality and original size of Instagram photos can be maintained when using this tool.