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Instagram Image or Video Link with / at the end:

When you download photos fast or many times, possibly you cannot download more, please use this ordinary link. Thank you!
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Using Ingramsave is an easy and fast way to download Instagram photos and videos. You just need to copy a link of image or video, and start to download and save it to your computer or phone. Also, Ingramsave is totally a free downloader to use it online. You can download unlimited photos and clips from Instagram. So, to give us a favor, please share this site with your friends!

Guides to save a photo or video from Instagram

Step 1: Open a photo or video and find its link
Open Instagram on your phone or computer, and navigate to the image or video you want to download.
Then, you click on the 3-dot mark in the right corner of the screen. The browser will pop up and continue to choose: Copy link.
Tips: If you use the Instagram search tool to find photos (you can search by hashtag or location) on your desktop or laptop. You just need to click on the image or video, and then you will see its link appear in the browser. You need to copy this link to finish step 1.
Step 2: Copy and paste the link to get it
Copy and paste a link of the photo or video into the box, including a photo album, then select the "Get!" to download.
Please note that you paste a link always with / at the end to avoid avoids breaking that url.
Step 3: Save images or video to your device
After you select "Get!", photos and videos from Instagram will appear immediately for you. You now do a right-click on the photo to save it as..., or click the link of "Download file" to save the video and photo to your device. It is done!
Instagram photo downloader
Enjoy it!